Ngayuku Ngura Linen Napkin Set

Kip & Co


The Ngayuku Ngura Linen Napkin Set is made from 100% French flax linen

This print features intricate patterns in tones of orange, purple, brown and green

'Ngayuku Ngura - My Country' by Rupert Jack is representative of his father's country

It's a sacred place for men only near Mimili. The different colours and designs represent variations in the landscape

He is also depicting looking for bush tucker such as maku (witchetty grub). Ngayuku Ngura - My Country -  Rupert Jack, Licensed by Copyright Agency

100% French flax linen

45cm x 45cm

Set of 4

Our linen table range is made to be loved for years to come and will soften with each wash

Ethically made in India

Proudly carbon neutral. Independent and female founded

We are incredibly proud of our Kip&Co x Ernabella Arts collaboration. Established in 1948, Ernabella Arts is Australia‚   oldest continuously running Indigenous Art Centre and one of the most artistically diverse in the country. Ernabella Arts and Kip&Co divide all profits from the collaboration equally, so 50% of profits will return to Ernabella Arts.  Kalaya Tjukurpa - Emu Dreaming ¬© Malpiya Davey, Licensed by Copyright Agency.  Malpiya has been creating paintings, ceramics and prints at Ernabella Arts for over twenty years. Her artwork 'Kalaya Tjukurpa ‚ 'Emu Dreaming' is Malpiya‚   mother‚   country near Kanypi on the APY Lands. The kalaya (emu) is the creation being that formed this land. Malpiya‚   design is a depiction of the kalaya walking around looking for mai (food) and water in the rock holes.


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