Kalaya Tjukurpa Sand Woven Cushion

Kip & Co


The Kalaya Tjukurpa Rust Woven Cushion is a made from 100% cotton, woven in a jacquard style with sandy cream and ochre brown

100% cotton woven cushion with fringe trim

50cm x 50cm

Includes insert with 100% recyled PET fill

Ethically made in India

We are incredibly proud of our Kip&Co x Ernabella Arts collaboration. Established in 1948, Ernabella Arts is Australia‚   oldest continuously running Indigenous Art Centre and one of the most artistically diverse in the country. Ernabella Arts and Kip&Co divide all profits from the collaboration equally, so 50% of profits will return to Ernabella Arts.  Kalaya Tjukurpa - Emu Dreaming ¬© Malpiya Davey, Licensed by Copyright Agency.  Malpiya has been creating paintings, ceramics and prints at Ernabella Arts for over twenty years. Her artwork 'Kalaya Tjukurpa ‚ 'Emu Dreaming' is Malpiya‚   mother‚   country near Kanypi on the APY Lands. The kalaya (emu) is the creation being that formed this land. Malpiya‚   design is a depiction of the kalaya walking around looking for mai (food) and water in the rock holes.


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