Kalaya Tjukurpa Rust Woven Bedspread

Kip & Co


The Kalaya Tjukurpa Rust Woven Bedspread is a reversible bedspread made from 100% cotton, woven in a jacquard style with purple and rust brown and featuring peachy fringed edges

100% cotton woven bedspread with fringe trim

275cm x 275cm

Ethically made in India

Malpiya Davey's artwork 'Kalaya Tjukurpa, Emu Dreaming' is of Malpiya‚   mother‚   country near Kanypi on the APY Lands. The kalaya (emu) is the creation being that formed this land. Malpiya‚   design is a depiction of the kalaya walking around looking for mai (food) and water in the rock holes.


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