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Hidden In Space
Hidden In Space
Hidden In Space
Hidden In Space

Peggy Nille

Hidden In Space


3 … 2 … 1 … GO!

Leap aboard your snazzy spaceship and buckle up for a grand adventure in outer space.

Can you spot an alien astronaut?

Do you see the juggling robot?

What about the flying space pig?

Find all of these and more in Peggy Nille’s out-of-this-world illustrations.

About the Author

Peggy Nille worked for six years as an artistic director creating websites. In 2005, she left everything to illustrate full-time, and has since created wallpapers, digital frescoes, toys and children’s books.

Peggy has many books published in France and quite a few of these have been translated into English, including My World, My Words and Heads and Tails, as well as Hidden in the Sea and Hidden in the Jungle, both published in Australia by Affirm Press.