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Emily Henson



Creativity before consumption is about reinvention and sustainability for the sake of the planet, but also for the pure joy and satisfaction of creating a home that is truly unique

Using her experience as a stylist and set designer, in the first part of the book Emily shows how to create homes that meet our needs yet have style, dash and personality aplenty without relying on yet more disposable ‘stuff’ for the next generation to deal with

In Gather, she shows how to establish a sense of personal style, while in Shop your Home she suggests we think twice before getting sucked into the ‘bin and buy’ cycle

Instead of ripping out a kitchen, opt for new worktops or paint the cabinets, or update a lampshade by adding a fringe or trim to spark the satisfaction of creativity and give it a second lease of life

Reuse before you Replace contains a wealth of simple ideas for easy yet creative home updates, and in In Mix-Master Emily explains how to combine high-street items with customised, repurposed or vintage pieces

The second part of the book visits real-life homes that display incredible creativity and reflect their owners’ needs, tastes and style