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The Ultimate Bathroom

I LOVE nothing more than a good bath and bathroom. We wanted our bathrooms to be simple, earthy, easy to maintain, calming spaces. For our ensuite, I wanted a floor to ceiling window where I could stare at the view while enjoying a nice hot bath with a glass of bubbles in hand - just WAIT until you see it.

Felicity from Studio Esteta describes the vision for our bathroom perfectly "We feel that bathroom spaces can provide the opportunity for the interjection of vibrancy and individuality. Whilst we like to maintain a connection between these spaces, should there be multiple within the one home, we feel these areas can all have their own identity and directly relate to the users of the space, whether it be a master ensuite or a kids bathroom. Our approach to the bathroom spaces within this home was to provide them all with their own personality, utilising different colour and material palettes, that, when viewed together, all provided a contrast, however that material contrast between the three spaces still worked in harmony with each other."

The colour palette for our ensuite and main bathroom (which will be the boys) varies slightly but will feature the same Astra Walker tapware and textures to create consistency.

These are the images I keep coming back to which have heavily influenced the final look. Stay tuned for the reveal in a few months time - and if you're after some more killer bathroom inspo - you can find it all here on our Pinterest boards.