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Silk Pillowcase - Honey Dijon
Silk Pillowcase - Honey Dijon
Silk Pillowcase - Honey Dijon
Silk Pillowcase - Honey Dijon

Kip & Co

Silk Pillowcase - Honey Dijon

$99.00 $70.00

Maintain your glowiest skin and shiniest locks with our 100% mulberry silk 22 mome pillowcase!

Invisible zip side opening on this dreamy floral print

100% mulberry silk 22 momme single pillowcase

Invisible zip side opening

Packaged in a rose pink gift box

Kip&Co’s Glow Getter silk pillow cases have landed! Now you can do the hard yards on your beauty routine while you sleep. How you ask?

First, sleeping with our Glow Getter silk pillowcase is like having a hundred tiny masseuses massaging your face - yup, you’ll be supporting smooth skin while you get some well earned shut eye

Second, because silk doesn’t absorb moisture like other fabrics, all your fancy serums and night creams will actually stay on your skin where you want them. This is more important than ever in winter months when our skin is in a brutal battle with dryness

But it’s not just your gorgeous face that will thank you! Silk pillowcases also minimise friction and hair frizz, so you can keep the drama dialed down to low on your wild woman bed hair

Kip&Co's iconic field of dreams print, hand painted floral print
For the love of colour, since 2012!
Designed in Melbourne