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Adele Naidoo



Original artwork by Adele Naidoo for her solo exhibition, 'Gemini'

This exhibition tells a story of my life so far, each piece is homage to a certain chapter through the years

1988 was the year I was born, the tropical vibe is homage to South Africa, the strelitzia is my mums favourite flower and the five floral elements represent my immediate family of five.

Acrylic on stretched cotton canvas

Thick brush strokes, layers of delicious paint and signature paint drips finish off this piece

Shadow box framed in timber

122 x 182cm 

*Please note that shipping is not included for this item. Please call the store on 02 6361 4447 or email us for a quote on delivery. However, if you purchase now we will automatically email you a shipping invoice

*Please note this exhibition will hang until the start of June. Any pieces purchased will be required to hang until the start of June.